- Why choose briquettes?
It is a 100% environmentally friendly natural product.
It does not contain any harmful substances.

The product of combustion (ashes) of briquettes is used as an organic fertilizer.

Briquette requires little storage space and is ideal for consumers: clean, dry, has less dust, it does no need to be cut and it is practical to use.
Advantages of the briquettes in comparison to other derivatives:
1) 1 kg of briquettes produces the same amount of heat as: 0.7 m³ of gas or 0.60 l of fuel oil,
2) 1t of briquettes corresponds to the energy content of 4 to 4.5 m3 of firewood or 0.9 tons of coal
From the ecological point of view:
Renewable energy sources are used, uncontrolled deforestation will stop and the need for mineral resources (coal, oil ..) will be reduce.
In the process of EU accession, the country's obligation is to reduce the level of the imported energy sources dependence, which is also the production of energy from renewable sources.